About Joint Graduate School

Educational Philosophy

We will thoroughly advance a practical education program whose main body is practicum. This consists of team learning with PhD students and technical college students through master's course in close coordination with City of Kitakyushu and associated companies who are stakeholders to continually foster high-skilled personnel who will lead in world-leading innovative research and development in the fields of intelligent cars and robotics. To utilize the internship system of technical colleges and other universities, we will encourage students to join us from Kyushu, Chugoku, and other areas of Japan, aiming to establish an educational center for this field.

In education, we will invite the field of expertise from each university, and compose subjects of lecture, seminar, and practicum. Field of expertise in each university is as follows:
- Robot technology and brain-like intelligent processing from Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering of Kyushu Institute of Technology,
- Mechanical engineering from Faculty of Engineering of Kyushu Institute of Technology,
- Information engineering from Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering of Kyushu Institute of Technology,
- Autonomous driving control technology from Waseda University
- Machining and sensing technology from the University of Kitakyushu.
The Intelligent Car and Robotics course is composed of the program that gathers the predominant subjects of each university mentioned above. Its goals are threefold: first, the students in the fields of mechanics, electronics, control, and information engineering investigate further their major field of study. Second, they would study related fields and become engineers with comprehensive views. Last, we foster the engineers who will lead technological innovation in the field of cars and robotics.