About Joint Graduate School

Course Contents


  • The program mainly consists of practicum, utilizing the strength of each graduate school in cooperation with national, municipal, and private universities.
  • Education and research in advanced technology with PhD and master’s courses.
  • Education cooperation utilizing an internship system of national colleges of technology and other universities.
  • Efforts that contribute regionally in close coordination with local government (Kitakyushu).
  • Implementation of practical education program coming from wide range of cooperation with industrial society.
  • Hierarchical education evaluation system by graduate school, municipality, and industrial society.
  • Promotion of collaborative research between students and industries through research internships.
  • Issuing Completion Certificate and supporting for employment to the enterprises connected with car and robot industry.

Registering for Classes, Completion Requirements, etc.

1. Enrollment Planning

Students in master’s course: Designing the enrollment plan to fulfill the requirements for completion in the Joint Graduate School as well as to graduate the partner graduate school which the student belongs to.
Students in PhD course: In addition to utilize the practical materials of the Joint Graduate School for research activities, students improve their leadership skills by taking a role as a leader in a practicum.

2. Requirements for Completion

Currently, provided only in Japanese.

3. Conferment of Certificate

Certificates will be conferred to those who complete the requirements approved by the committee of five graduate schools.