Introduction to Courses

Minicar / minirobot manufacturing


Comprehensive Practicum


Intensive course of two-week period (from latter half of August to former half of September)


Prof. Wagatsuma (Kyutech)


Students construct a small vehicle or a mini-robot by designing the parts with CAD/CAM, building a mechanism and considering the control method for tracing desired routes or running on rough roads. They experience the essence of robot design while learning advanced technologies of software development using MATLAB and hardware design based on CAN in-vehicle communication systems. Their individual work is complemented by projects in which teams compete with each other in a competition testing obstacle-avoidance navigation or bad-road traveling. This practicum is for students who have no special knowledge about programming and hardware such as CAN bus and ECUs (electronic control units), and the purpose of this practicum is to acquire the basic techniques required for developing automobile/robotics controls.