Introduction to Courses

Moving robot control


Comprehensive Practicum


Intensive course of two-week period (from latter half of August to former half of September)


Profs. Ishii, Nishida, Ahn and Andoh (Kyutech)


The control of systems consisting of multiple robots with several sensors and actuators that perform coordinated tasks is currently an important and challenging field of research. In the Moving Robot Control practicum, students learn the action control and cooperative control system of plural autonomous moving robots which are designed to play soccer (RoboCup Soccer Robots). The practicum has two main sections: I, the design and manufacturing of mechanical structures and control circuits using CAD software, and II, software programming exercises for motion control, self-localization, and cooperative action algorithms. The knowledge obtained is implemented in the design and execution of the robots’ functions, and the engineering achievements are evaluated through pseudo-soccer matches and the students’ presentations. Students are also encouraged to read the official rule book of the RoboCup Mid-size League  in order to extract significant technical issues for developing a group of soccer-player robots.